About Us

Helen is not just another trainer. she really cared, and I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and concern for reaching my goal.  I had concerns about my physical ability, but Helen took the time to ask the proper medical questions needed, and designed a program that suited my needs,
                                                                                                                  Janet Jarvie, Kensington, MD

I was dealing with some significant posture problems and had just completed a series of physical therapy sessions, but still felt that I needed some professional attention to my back.  I turned to Helen because I had heard her name as a well-regarded personal trainer in the area.  She turned out to be just the person I needed:  personable, highly motivating, and most importantly, right on-target with her routine.  I would never have achieved the level of success that I did were it not for Helen’s constant encouragement.”

                                                                                                             Susan Chaney, Kensington, MD

I learnt so much from Helen.  She was patient and knowledgeable.  We focused on running and weight management and during my first 3 months I lost 20Ibs.”
                                                                            Brian Kammel, Washington DC

“Outstanding!  Helen made it enjoyable but worked me to the limit.  I reached my 10K race goal and lost 10Ibs too.”

                                                                           Andrew Franklin. Rockville, MD

Contact: Helen Beven, Certified Personal Trainer
240 604 4699 | Helen@RoyalWorkout.com